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This site is run entirely by me, Aaron Mann. I'm about 5' 11" and weigh approx. 230 lbs. I live in Delavan Wisconsin, USA.

I originally opened this site up mostly as a way to express my creativity. This site sat on the same server until it was relocated. Once I got it to the new server, I redesigned the whole site with a new look. This is currently like version 10 or something with how many times I've changed the site.

I make music so one major factor was wanting a place to host my MP3's online for free download. I also really enjoy forums so I had set up a forum on Mar 11 2006 through Invision (free). Initially I operated from a Windows IIS server which didn't allow much PHP. I have since relocated this site to a Linux server which has allowed me to expand and learn more about web development.

I really enjoy music, especially fast-paced electronic/digital music with high tempos. For most of my life I had been an avid gamer, thus, this web site went through it's gamer site phase as well. I used to run www.coldsteelodor.com as my band site. I used to run www.aaronmann.com but it closed and got bought up. I am a computer programmer who has programmed a couple simple games, a couple pieces of useful (to me anyway) software utilities and of course web sites. I used to own a computer business called 'Accelerate Electronics' which specialized in building, repairing and selling computers, computer hardware and other devices.

Aside from my interests in programming, music composition and web development, I'm also quite good with computer hardware, repair and upgrades. I've never bought a 'pre-fab' computer from some store. My first two computers I bought from a friend who built them himself. Every computer I've owned since then I have built for myself from parts ordered from various companies online or built by that same friend who got me started in computers in the first place.

I am always in between careers. I have spent most of my working life as a customer service representative or in the food service industry although I've had my share of odd jobs. You won't see these in my resume because I don't want you to know how many years I've wasted flipping burgers or making pizzas. I did graduate high school, but through an alternative program, and I never went to college.

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